Payment Processing Fees

Due to new EU legislation, European and UK consumers can no longer be asked to pay fees for using their credit cards as of January 13, 2018.

As a result, from January 13, 2018, Billetto will deduct the credit card fee from the seller (organiser), as we are no longer allowed to charge your ticket buyers this fee on your behalf.

There are two things to keep in mind:
, we expect this change to increase your ticket sales. During 2017, events in Sweden (where credit card fees are already absorbed by the organiser) have consistently shown a 10% higher sales conversion rate than equivalent Billetto events elsewhere. 

Second, you retain full control over your ticket pricing on Billetto. If you want to compensate for this extra expense, you can always adjust the price of your tickets accordingly. Doing so will keep the net price of your event the same as before the new legislation.

When will the change take place?
This change affects all events taking place on or after January 13, 2018.

How much is the fee?
The average fee for credit cards accepted by Billetto is 2.5% (excluding VAT) of the transaction total.

My event(s) will happen before January 13, 2018. Am I affected?
No, your event is not affected. People buying your tickets will still be charged a credit card fee during the checkout process.

Where can I see these fees?
Once you start selling tickets, you will see the credit card fees under your Event Overview:

Credit card fees are automatically deducted from the event's total revenue. In the above example, the organiser will be paid €970 (1000 - 30) once the event is completed.

No new invoices
To keep things simple, the credit card fee will simply be deducted from your ticket sales.

You can read more about the change in this blog post.