Collecting GDPR-Compliant Newsletters opt-ins

So you’re now up to date with GDPR rules and would like to include a newsletter opt in, great! Below we’ll be using our “Booking Questions” feature so if you don’t know about it check out the link here to get a better understanding.


First of all to access booking questions section follow the steps here:

My Events -> Manage -> Customisations & Design - > Booking Questions


Now you’re on the booking questions page you can fill out the details.

Below is an example of how your newsletter opt in may look:


Name: "Would you like to be a part of <Company Names'> Newsletter"?

Description: If you enter Yes then you will be signed up to a weekly email, this is not mandatory

Required: No

Question Type: Dropdown

Field Values: No

Field Value 2: Yes

When do you want to ask this question? (Before Payment is during the check out process, whereas after payment the individual may get an email notification from Billetto telling them to fill out the form, we recommend before if you're unsure)

How many times do you want to ask this question? Ask once per order


Click Submit and you're done.

This information will then be included in the Guestlist & Reports section. Request either the "Full Information Guest list" on the Orders Tab or the CSV fileformat. From there you can pull the individuals who have opted into your newsletter or email list!

Below is an image showing how the ticket buyers will view this question