How do I limit the venue capacity for all the tickets?

There are two possible ways of limiting ticket sales. 


1. Simply specify the maximum amount of each ticket type that can be sold, e.g. 200 Adult tickets, 200 Child tickets etc. 


2. Create your ticket types and set any amount in the quantity field. Once your event has been published, log into Billetto, find your event in 'My events' at the top-left panel, and then click 'Manage' next to the relevant event. In the list on the left of the screen, beneath the subheading Attendees, is an option 'Capacity'. Click on this and you will be able to decide how many tickets can be sold in total to your event, across all included ticket types. 


The ticket types governed by the Capacity ruling are:

  • Paid tickets
  • Free tickets
  • Box-office collection
  • Sign-ups

The ticket types not affected by the Capacity ruling are:

  • Donation
  • Voucher
  • Merchandise


Note: if you choose option 2. it is not possible to limit a particular ticket type's sales to below the capacity limit.