[VIDEO] How can I collect extra guest information? How can I create a form to collect extra information on the ticket?

You can create your own questions which will be asked of your guests before they complete their booking by using the Custom Fields feature. This information will then be populated in the guest lists for you (XLS and CSV formats), which you can download at any time. The guest lists will already contain data such as the name and the email address of the person who created the booking, so you will not need to ask for such information separately. 

To locate the Custom Fields feature you will first need to create an event and either have it saved as a draft or published. Then:

  1. Click on Calendar in the top left corner of the screen
  2. Click on Manage next to the event
  3. Select the option Custom Fields from the list on the left

You will then see the following:

  • 'Name' refers to your question/category.
  • 'Description' allows you to provide further information regarding the question/category where needed.
  • 'Required?' toggle this on or off as necessary (in the above example it is turned on) - this means that your guests will be required to answer this question/category before continuing with their booking.
  • 'Field type' controls the responses of your guests, you can, for example, choose a dropdown menu, and provide a list of possible responses for your guests to choose from. A 'Textfield' allows your guests to write their own responses.
  • 'How many times do you want to ask this question?' allows you to determine whether you want this question asking once per order, or for each and every ticket selected within an order.
  • 'Which ticket types should this be shown for?' allows you to specify the question/category further, as a question about dietary requirements might only be relevant to a ticket including some form of food/beverage in the price, and therefore you wouldn't want all of your guests to be asked this question. Toggling this option for 'Only specific ones' will then reveal a list of your current tickets - set ticks next to each ticket type as required.

Once guests start signing up to your event, you will then be able to find all of this extra information in the guests lists. To locate these:

  1. Click on Calendar in the top left corner of the screen
  2. Click on Manage next to your event
  3. Select Guest lists from the list of options on the left
  4. Download either the XLS or CSV format

Get a preview of this feature in the video below. Just select "Custom fields" in the menu.