How do I edit my profile information as organiser?

To edit your profile information, simply log in to your Billetto account and click on your name in the top right of the screen then Profile Overview. There you can either update your "Public Profile" or your "Personal information".

- If you click on "Edit Public Profile" or "View Public Profile" to  see a preview of the public profile as others can see it (depending on your privacy settings). You can customise your profile where you can edit name & email address for the organiser, add profile & cover images or change the privacy settings. The email in your public profile is used for the contact organiser button.

- If you click on "Security & Login" you can update your private profile, which won't be publicly available to others. The name & email address there will be used to identify you when you log in to Billetto. The email there will be used to send you a reset link in case you forget your password.

- Additionally to update your bank details or the name on your payouts, if you click on "Payments" then "Bank Details" you can update the information here.

Watch the video below to get the preview of the feature. Just pick "Edit Public Profile" from the selection.