[VIDEO] How can I collect extra guest information?

If you need to get any extra information about your guests, you can create an additional field for your guest to fill out before they check-out. 



Navigate to the event you'd like to change under "My events" section at the top-left panel. You can find this form under Manage > Settings > Booking questions

There is also an additional section called "Collect Order Info" in Manage -> Payments -> Order Information; this section allows you to choose if you wish to collect customers addresses and/or names per ticket.



Let's say, you're organising a show with a dinner, and you'd like to ask your guests if they have any dietary preferences. 

1. Choose the name of the field

2. Enter any additional information

3. Pick an option if this field is required before your guests complete the ticket purchase

4. Pick a type of the field: choose between "dropdown" for a multiple choice option; "large field area" for the more expanded response; or "text area" for a one-liner response. 

 5. Select if you'd like to ask this question once per order or once per ticket. If you query is specific to each guest, choose the latter, to get information about each guest. If your query can apply to the group, you can safely choose the first option. 

6. If you'd like this field only to appear on the tickets of the certain type, you can enable this option in the last step & choose the ticket type you like (i.e. ticket that includes dinner, in this example). 

Now that you're done, your guests will be able to enter this information on the check-out before they pay for the ticket. 


Pick "Booking questions" from the menu in the video to see this feature in action.