E-Invoicing is an optional feature that allows your potential ticket buyers to request to pay by e-invoice.

Every request will generate an email sent to the account's email address and to a chosen email address of your choice. It is up to you to approve that tickets are sent to the buyer, to generate and send an invoice and to collect payment.

During checkout Billetto will ask the ticket buyer for all relevant details, so you have everything you need to generate invoices.

Standard Billetto booking fee per ticket + invoicing fee (10 DKK) per approved e-invoicing order applies. 

To enable this you will need to log in to your Billetto profile, then click account overview in the top right corner, and then E-invoicing settings. Then you enter the email you want to receive the notifications on when one of your customers have chosen E-invoicing. Then you click a tick in the box next to Enabled and then save.

Now your customers can pay with both EAN numbers or through the invoice. If you click the tick in the box for EAN verification then your customers are obligated to write in the EAN numbers, if they chose invoice. If you don't click the tick in the box then they have the option to chose either EAN or Invoice.

To see your customers E-invoice orders you click account overview in the top right corner, then E-invoicing.