Can I make a refund through the Event Manager?

Yes, you can make refunds through the Event Manager. However, it's only possible to refund orders made through the Event Manager. Please note, that you have more than one person selling tickets through our app, refunds are limited to terminal name. This means, that if an order is made from terminal X, this order can only be refunded from terminal X. Terminal Y will not have access to terminal X's orders.


  • Click Show order on the bottom of the left side of the Event Manager
  • Select the order you want to refund and press Refund order
  • If you are sure you want to refund, press Yes
  • If the order successfully is refunded, it will show a green message saying Refund successful


Refunds can only be made with the original payment method. Therefore, cash payments can only be refunded with cash and credit card payments can only be refunded through the credit card terminal.