How do I delete or edit a role?

All roles can be deleted from a joint Billetto account. Here's how:


1. Click on your name in the top right - then click Profile Overview.

2. Click on "Organiser" on the left hand-side

3. Click on "Role Management" in the left sidebar.

4. Find the role you would like to delete and click the red "trashcan" icon to the right.

Once you confirm the removal with a Yes, this role will no longer have access to the account.


Be aware that you can also be deleted from the account yourself. However, this can only be done by an Administrator, since this is the only role that can add or delete roles.



It is currently not possible to edit a role once it has been added to the account. Instead, you have to remove the wrong role and add the correct one.


You can not add a previously deleted email address to the account again. For example: if you have added the email as a Financial Manager, you can no longer use the email for an e.g. Administrator role.