Is it possible to have a role on two different Billetto accounts?

Each email address can only be used once. If an email address is already added as a role on a joint Billetto account or is used for a personal Billetto profile, you cannot use the same email address to add a role on a joint Billetto account. 


You can only add a new role with an email address that has not yet been used on Billetto. Otherwise you will see the pop-up message "email: has already been taken". 

Note: You can always use the addition symbol (+) to an existing email address if required.

Note: If you already have an account under but want to be a role of another account, use "" this will still use your current email address.

This is to ensure that users do not accidentally try to log in to a company Billetto account with their private email addresses. Each user must therefore have separate Billetto accounts: one for work-related purposes and one for private use.