How do I refund a ticket for one of my guests?

You can request the refund for one or several of your guests. You will need either their email address, name or order number (they should have received it with the ticket purchase confirmation email). To do so:

  • Click on My events at the top of your Billetto view
  • Pick the event you want to generate the refund for and click Manage
  • Click on Manage orders (left-side panel) under Sales
  • Find the order in question and click on it
  • You will now have an option to Request Refund on the right-hand side

As of right now you cannot refund individual tickets but the full order in our system, if you require to refund only 1 ticket of a multiple ticket order please contact our Support

Please note that the refunds are processed during Billetto Support opening hours (Mon-Fri 8AM - 3PM) and it might take up to 5 working days to appear on your guest's bank account (depending on their bank). Refunds can only be requested for current events. Please note that the refunds do not include the Billetto booking fee.