Payment Processing Fees

Valid for events created on after February 8, 2017.


New events no longer have a payment processing fee added during the checkout process.

Instead, we're moving this cost to the seller, much like your local grocery store covers the transaction costs.


How much is it and where do I find it?

The payment processing fees are 2.5% of the transaction total and cover the cost of transactions for Visa, MasterCard, Stripe, American Express, etc.


Once you start selling tickets, you will see the payment processing fees under your Event Overview:


Payment processing fees are automatically deducted from the event's total revenue.


Why this change?

We made the change because we found out that extra fees in the checkout process hurt ticket sales.


We ran a test where we charged the payment processing fees from the ticket buyer in one variation, with another variation where Billetto swallowed that cost (it was an expensive test, but it was worth it).


The results showed us that events can sell up to 10% more tickets simply by not asking ticket buyers to pay the credit card fee!


No new invoices

Don’t worry: You won’t suddenly start getting invoices from us. Just as with the ticket booking fee, the payment processing costs will simply be deducted from the ticket sales.


You can always adjust the ticket prices for your event, should you wish to do so.